Will Bitcoin Let go of the First Place?

Still wondering if the first cryptocurrency to be launched willing to give its number one position to another currency? That seems not be in Bitcoin’s to do list as Microstrategy’s Michael Saylor says that Bitcoin’s future is still bright even with the slight shortcomings in its price.

Although Bitcoin’s value has been struggling to hit a high of $60,000 for a couple of weeks now, analysts and market prediction expects like Bloomberg have taken it further to predicts higher values of Bitcoin than what others have said. Bloomberg is predicting a value of Bitcoin at $400,000 by the end of 2021. Other analysts have it at $150,000 and below.

But looking at the rate institutions are embracing Bitcoin, it is true that Bitcoin is going to hold its position for a very long time. Tesla embraced it, only in the US but planning to go worldwide by the end of the year. Other governments have considered adopting Bitcoin because they are running broke.

In a nutshell, Bitcoin rise is not declining soon. Though everything is just speculation, not tomorrow and probably not next month. The future of between is still bright.

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