Let’s get out of our comfort zone – Crypto

Looking back at 2008 when the whitepaper for Bitcoin was released, things have taken a different angle. Humans are conservatives by nature adopting to change takes time but when they do, they become the change. It all started out as an easy and a new way to transact, then the world saw value and now it is a different thing.

Altocoins were created to solve some of the problems that Bitcoin was facing. Other coins came to solve deviation from initial purpose which was decentralised transactions. But when most of the coins came in and had a taste of value storage they got out of their comfort zone and followed Bitcoin’s direction, value storage.

Many cryptocurruncies started with outlined goals but they have deviated because of pressure. The USDT is literally trying to hold together its value equivalence to the US dollar. It price might go higher than the value of a fiat dollar looking at how people have embraced crypto.

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