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100% Free thanks to the Binance Broker Program.
If you are a Trader, create your own Copy Trading Group and use our powerful Smart Trading Terminal.

Copy Trading

Only the best Traders with good results are public. If you are a Trader for your community/family/friends, you can create your own Copy Trading Group.

100% Free

Thanks to our entrance in the Binance Broker Program. Same fees as Binance. No spread. No commission on profits.

Fully Secured

We don’t own your money. It is on your Crypto Exchanges. We use API keys to trade on them. It is impossible to withdraw your money.

Smart Trading Terminal

Multi Exchanges : Binance Spot / Futures / Margin / US, Huobi, Kraken… OCO orders. Multi Take Profit. Stop Loss. Short / Long. Leverage. Trailing. Trigger. Modification. Panic Sell.

Telegram Notifications

Receive a Telegram message for any buy/sell order created or filled. Useful as well to manually accept a Trade in semi-auto Copy Trading mode.

Support 24/7 & Active Community

We listen to our community to enhance your product. Our team is fully dedicated to you. We have written tutorials and trading tips on our Blog.

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Look at the Public Results and Copy the Traders of your choice.


Create your own Copy Trading Group, and choose to make it Private or Public. You can set your price.

Wall Of Traders - Smart Trading

Our users are fans of our Trading tools.

They like our ultra-responsive Support, the choice of Traders to copy, the Portfolio to group all his cryptos in one place, the intuitiveness and performance of the Smart Trading Terminal, the possibility of creating a Copy Trading Group yourself, and much more.

On telegram
Crypto Therapie

Quick feedback on the last bot of futures trading "Technologies", I am very happy. I close a few positions before the 2h deadlines to ensure some profits, but even in 100% autonomous, the profits quickly arrived.👌

Amateur Trader
On telegram

Excellent! Thank you for your efforts and responsiveness. 👍😉

Trader for his family and friends
On telegram

Really very useful these new features, thank you again. We're getting closer to the perfect platform!

Professional Trader
On telegram
Sébastien Dardenne

The Accounts menu is great, very nice view of the assets.

Crypto investor
On telegram
Crypto Therapie

Brilliant, two things that I sorely missed on a lot of exchanges! OCO orders and notifications 😍

Follower of a Copy Trading Group

Why is it free?

Wall Of Traders is free thanks to its entry into the Binance Broker Program. Thus, Binance pays us a portion of the Trading fees for all Trades that are run on Wall Of Traders. These fees do not change whether you trade on Binance or on Wall Of Traders. We bring Trading volume to Binance who thanks us with this program.


How to have an eligible Binance account?

Simply link to Wall Of Traders a Binance account created after March 2020 without any referral code. If your current account is not eligible, you can create a new one in a few minutes on Binance, then transfer your cryptos from the old account. You don't need to verify your identity if you aren't going to withdraw more than 2 BTC per day. Otherwise, to access our Trading tools with any Binance account, we offer a subscription starting at € 9.99/month.


Are prices and trades updated quickly?

They are almost instantaneously. The gap between Wall Of Traders and the Exchange platform is a few milliseconds. We use Websockets which are direct tunnels between Wall Of Traders and the Exchange platform.


What is the performance of Traders that can be copied?

Public Traders are just those who have performed well in the past. The goal of a Trader is to outperform the market, which means, to do better than just buying and holding Bitcoin. Due to the short on Binance Futures, some traders are outperforming the bullish and the bearish market. We have seen Traders make over 50% in a few months. But keep in mind that your Capital is subject to risk. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. We do not give you investment advice. Have a secure and profitable Trading!

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