How to become a Trader for the Copy Trading?

You want your community, family, friends or our community to copy your Trades automatically? We have the solution. And you can set the price you want. How to become a Trader has never been easier. And to perfect your knowledge on Trading it’s here.

Each Copier of your Trades will have to create an account on Wall Of Traders. However, we have a tool that allows to create accounts in bulk, instead of Users. This way, your community does not even need to know about the existence of Wall Of Traders.

Our Copy Trading Automation Tool is 100% free for you and your Copiers who use a Binance, Binance Margin or Binance Futures account created after March 2020 without any referral link. It’s free because we’ve joined the Binance Broker Program.

If the account is not eligible, your subscribers can recreate a Binance account within minutes. In this case, they need to open this link in private browsing to create a new Binance account, otherwise the web browser sometimes adds its own referral code. For other accounts, the subscription starts from € 9.99 / month.

1) How does the Master Trader configure his Copy Trading Group on Wall Of Traders to become a Trader?

a) Click here to open an account on Wall Of Traders.

b) Click here to link a Binance account to Wall Of Traders. If you would rather not link your own Binance account, click on “Paper Wallet”. Fake trades will be used for the Master Trader, but not for the Copiers.

c) Click here to create your own Copy Trading group. Enter the name, a description and a reference to give to your subscribers. Click on “CREATE A TRADER”. By default, the Trading Group you have created is Private. If you want to make it Public, contact us.

d) Give the reference to your subscribers. If you are Public, it is not necessary.

e) Optional: Click here to secure your account with two-factor authentication.

2) How does the Master Trader send his trades to his Copiers to become a Trader?

4 options to choose from for sending Trades

a) You create the Trades using the Wall Of Traders Smart Trading Terminal. This is the fastest way as the trades will be replicated on all followers accounts in less than 1 second. It works on Binance Spot and Binance Futures. Click on “FOLLOWERS” and select the group you have just created. If you want to remove pop up confirmation, go to this link and click on “Disable”. This option is best suited for Manual Trading:

Wall Of Traders Smart Trading Terminal

b) You create the Trades by sending messages to a private Telegram channel where you add @walloftraders. We will automatically read the messages, analyze the text and create the Trades. Use whatever format you want, but always use the same format. In that case we need to do a few tests to see if we can properly read what you send. This option is best suited for Algorithmic Trading:

Creation of a Trade by Telegram message

c) We can allow you to trade directly from Binance Futures, but not from Binance Spot or other exchanges. There are, however, a few limitations which are described in this article.

d) If you want to send the trades directly to our API, it will be very fast as the use of the Smart Trading, so trades will be replicated to the followers in less than 1 second. We require a fix payment of 300 USDT to set it up for you. Contact us for this solution.

General Rules

In the methods a), b) and d), you can use advanced trading options like multi TP, SL, trigger on entry, trailings on entry/TP/SL.

Trades created on Wall Of Traders to Binance, will be copied on the Binance accounts of the Copiers.

If you want to send trades to Binance Futures, you have to link a Binance Futures account on Wall Of Traders and to select Binance Futures in the Smart Trading Terminal of Wall Of Traders, or to input Binance Futures in the Telegram message you send.

If you want to modify, cancel or panic sell a Trade, click on this link, select the trade you want and do it. It will be done as well on all Copiers’ accounts. You can as well do it with a Telegram message.

Apart from the method c), please note that Trades you create directly on the Exchange will not count towards Copy Trading. It is absolutely necessary to create them by one of the preceding methods.

The position size is respected for each Copier of your Trades. If you create a Trade at 5% of your Capital, it will create a Trade at 5% of the Capital that the Copier has allocated to your Trading Group. This position size is called “Part of my Capital” in the Smart Trading terminal.

3) How does the Copier receive the trades of the Master Trader?

a) Every Copier has to create a Wall Of Traders account. If you don’t want you community to know about Wall Of Traders, we can create ghost accounts for your Copiers. Contact us for this option.

b) Click here to link a Binance account to Wall Of Traders. If the account is eligible, a Green Shield will appear next to the name of the exchange.

If it is not eligible, create a new Binance account without any referral code by opening this link in private navigation. To transfer your trades and your cryptos from a Binance account to another, here is a full tutorial. If you don’t want to recreate a Binance account, click on this link and subscribe to “WoT Smart Trading & Copy Trading”.

c) Go to the Traders’ Page. If the Trading Group is Private, enter the reference given by the Master Trader. Click on “ADD THE TRADER”. The Trading Group will be displayed right away. Click on “COPY THIS TRADER”. Enter the % of your Capital you want to allocate to this trader. Click on “Full-auto” to automatically accept all trades. Let it on “Semi-auto” if you want to manually accept the trades.

To manually accept Trades in Semi-auto mode:

d) Optional: link Telegram to Wall Of Traders to receive Trades notifications in Full-auto and Semi-auto modes, and to validate trades in Semi-auto mode. Click on “Connect my Account to Telegram”. The Telegram bot opens, click on Start.

e) Optional: to choose which trades to accept – for example only USDT pairs but not BTC pairs – go to the Configuration page and set your Strategy.

f) Optional: Click here to secure your account with two-factor authentication.

That’s all !

How to become a Trader for your private community or for the public ? It is as easy as that with Wall Of Traders, and completely free of charge!

If you have any questions, tell us about it on Telegram, by email or in the comments, we have solutions for every kind of situation.

To meet the community of English-speaking Crypto Traders, or to ask us for help, join our Telegram group.

If you want to take trading further, you can read our articles on essential trading vocabulary and learning technical analysis and the best indicators.

This article is not investment advice. Do your own research before investing in the cryptocurrency market.

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