Binance leaderboard: How do I choose a trader?

The crypto-currency market is increasingly competitive, and it’s often difficult for traders to find the right strategies to generate profits on a regular basis. Fortunately, Binance, one of the world’s largest crypto-currency exchanges, offers an innovative solution: the Binance Leaderboard. In this way, the best traders propose their trades and the Wall Of Traders platform reads them and lets you copy them automatically.

In this article, we’ll explore in detail what the Binance Leaderboard is, how it works and how you can use it to maximize your profits.

Leaderboard Binance : How to follow the best trades

Leaderboard Binance : How to follow the best trades

Visit Leaderboardis a feature of the Binance platform that allows traders to demonstrate their trading skills and earn prizes based on their performance. The most successful traders are displayed on the Leaderboard. This allows other traders to follow them and copy their trades.

To be listed on the Binance Leaderboard, traders must have a consistent performance and good results. They must also have strict risk management and a low drawdown rate. Here are a few criteria that traders must meet to be listed on the Binance Leaderboard:

  • Strict risk management: Traders must have a clearly defined risk management strategy to minimize potential losses. This can include precise stop-loss and take-profit levels for each trade, as well as a balanced risk/reward ratio.
  • Consistent performance: Traders need to perform consistently over an extended period of time. Traders who have had a rollercoaster ride or significant losses will not be considered for the Leaderboard.
  • Maxdrawdown low: The drawdown is the difference between the highest level reached by a trading account and the lowest level before it returns to its highest level. Traders with a high drawdown will not be considered for the Leaderboard. This indicates an increased risk for investors.

Trading performance

By taking a look at the successful traders on the Binance Leaderboard. Clearly, these criteria are essential for success in crypto-currency trading. Traders with strict risk management. Consistent performance and low drawdown are also more likely to be successful in the financial markets over the long term.

It is important to note, however, that past performance is no guarantee of future performance. Traders must always exercise due diligence and caution when investing their money in the financial markets. In addition, it’s important to diversify your investments and not just focus on traders on the Binance Leaderboard.

Binance Futures Leaderboard: how to trade safely

How to trade safely

Binance Futures Leaderboardis a key feature of the Binance Futures trading platform. It allows traders to monitor the performance of the platform’s top traders in real time and track position trends in their trading strategies.

To be listed on the Binance Leaderboard, a trader must meet certain strict performance criteria. First and foremost, he needs to manage risk rigorously and minimize potential losses. This means respecting stop-loss levels and not risking more than 1-2% of your capital on a single trade.

Secondly, a trader must maintain a high level of performance consistency. It must be able to generate earnings consistently over an extended period. This is rather than having one-off peaks in performance followed by major losses.

Finally, a trader must have a low level of maxdrawdown. In other words, a maximum cumulative loss in relation to the initial capital. This shows that the trader has an effective risk management strategy and can avoid major losses.

By analyzing the traders on the Binance Leaderboard. Investors can identify the most popular positions effective trading strategies best suited to their risk profile. They can also see traders’ open positions, which can give them ideas for their own trading.

Binance Futures banned in France

Although Binance Futures is not authorized in France, traders can still copy trades on other leveraged trading platforms. Like Bybit, for example, which is authorized in France. Prices between Bybit and Binance are generally the same, as arbitrage bots are always looking to make more profit by smoothing out the prices of all crypto-currency exchanges.

Using the Binance Futures Leaderboard and other trading tools. Investors can access winning trading strategies and maximize their profits in the crypto-currency market.

Binance also offers a Leaderboard API that enables traders to monitor the performance of Leaderboard traders in real time. The Leaderboard API offers several screens and advanced filters to help you track the traders you want to copy. However, it is important to note that Binance Futures is not authorized in France. But thanks to the WOT platform, you can copy the trades of traders on other exchanges like Bybit, which also offers futures contracts with up to 100x leverage and is authorized in France.

It’s also important to note that prices between Bybit and Binance are almost identical, as arbitrage bots seek to maximize their profits by smoothing prices across all crypto-currency exchanges.

Binance Leaderboard API

Binance Leaderboard API

The Binance Leaderboard API enables developers to access Binance Leaderboard data and integrate it into applications and tools. The API is available in REST and WebSocket. It offers great flexibility for integrating Binance Leaderboard data into existing applications or creating new ones.

Developers can use the API to retrieve ranking data from Binance Leaderboard. For a given cryptocurrency pair, for example, or for a specific time period. They can also filter data to retrieve only the information relevant to their application.

Our Wall Of Trader tool scrapes all Leaderboard traders’ positions in real time. Users can also scrape positions and trade them using an API key created on Binance and registered on WOT !

To use the Binance Leaderboard through the API. A valid version of the Binance API key is required. Here are the steps for creating a Binance API key:

  1. Log in to your Binance account and click on “API management” from the user center icon.
  2. Enter a label or name for your API key and click on “Create API“.
  3. Complete the security check with your registered A2F devices.

Once you’ve created your Binance API key, you can use it to access the Leaderboard.

Copy Binance Futures Leaderboard: WOT, the tool for traders

How to copy traders from the Binance Futures Leaderboard. Copy trading is an increasingly popular trading method on Binance. This practice enables an experienced trader to share his trading strategies with other platform users, known as copiers. By copying the trader’s trades, copiers can expect to make similar profits.

To optimize your copy trading, we recommend you visit Wall Of Traders. The copy trading process is relatively straightforward. Users can search for traders to follow by examining their trading history, performance and risk level. Once a trader has been selected, the copiers can automatically copy all the trades he makes.

Copy trading is an effective way for beginners to get started in trading. Without having to master the knowledge and skills required to analyze the financial markets and make informed trading decisions. However, it is important for copy traders to understand the risks associated with copy trading.

The benefits of Wall Of Traders

In addition automated trading itself, Wall Of Traders allows users to customize their trading parameters according to their risk profile and trading strategy. Traders can set their own stop-loss and take-profit levels. And their own risk/reward ratio, to maximize profits and minimize potential losses.

Wall Of Traders also features a simple, intuitive user interface that allows traders to easily compare open positions and track the performance of traders on the Binance Futures Leaderboard. Users can view traders’ open positions, as well as realized gains and losses.

Although Wall Of Traders is an excellent tool for copying traders’ trades from the Binance Leaderboard. It’s important to remember that there’s never a guarantee of gains in the crypto-currency market. Traders must always exercise due diligence and caution when investing their money in the financial markets.

In conclusion, use Wall Of Traders to copy the trades of the most successful traders on the Binance Futures Leaderboard. Investors can access winning trading strategies and maximize their profits in the crypto-currency market. Wall Of Traders offers competitive advantages such as free access, customizable trading parameters and a simple, intuitive user interface for tracking trader performance.

Copy Binance Leaderboard – Copy Trading with Wall Of Traders

How to copy the Binance Leaderboard?

  • First, you need to create a Wall Of Traders account. You can do so in just a few minutes by filling in the registration form.
  • Next, you need to create an API key on Binance to link your account to Wall Of Traders. To create an API key, you need to meet two prerequisites. The first is that you must have completed the intermediate verification with ID on Binance.
  • The second is that you must have funds in your Futures account. If you meet these two conditions, you can create an API key on Binance and configure it by checking “Enable futures”, unchecking “Allow withdrawals” and checking “Restrict access to trusted IP addresses only”.
  • For this last option, you need to enter the following IP addresses separated by a space:
  • Once you’ve created your API key on Binance, you can link it to your Wall Of Traders account by going to your account settings.
  • Now that your account is ready, you can choose a trader on the Binance Leaderboard to copy. You can consult each trader’s past results to help you make an informed decision.
  • To copy the trader, enter his UID (available in his profile URL) on Wall Of Traders and click on “Add trader”. You can choose to copy the trader’s position size to 100%, 50%, 200%, or any other proportion you wish.
  • You can copy as many traders as you like, but be careful in your risk management. It’s important not to take excessive risks by copying too many traders.
  • That’s it! You can now follow the trades of the top Binance Leaderboard traders on Wall Of Traders. If you use a Binance account created after March 2020 without sponsorship, the service is 100% free.


The Binance Leaderboard is a powerful feature that allows traders to measure their performance and track the most successful traders on the platform. With the Leaderboard API. You can monitor traders’ performances in real time, extract data and copy them to other trading platforms, such as Bybit.

Our Wall Of Traders platform offers a simple, free solution for copying the trades of traders on the Binance Futures Leaderboard. Without having to pay additional fees to third-party partners. We also offer competitive advantages such as the ability to add your community’s APIs directly to our platform without community transfer.

Using the Binance Leaderboard and our Wall Of Traders platform. You can access winning trading strategies and maximize your profits in the crypto-currency market. So don’t hesitate, sign up now and start copying the trades of the best traders on the Binance Futures platform.

This article is not investment advice. Do your own research before investing in the crypto currency market.

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