Microsoft Edge: A New Crypto Wallet

Twitter user Albacore, known for revealing software features ahead of the final release, reported that Microsoft planned to integrate the Web3 wallet into the browser Microsoft Edge.

The possibilities offered by the wallet have not yet been determined. Considering the screenshots shared, it might be possible to buy, of store or of to transfer cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) or crypto-related streams. It seems that even quick access to information is possible.

In terms of supported assets, Microsoft’s future wallet should be compatible with the Ethereum blockchain. It can contain at least Ether (ETH), USDC, USDT And DAI. You can also check out the network selector which offers the Goerli testnet.

Wallets introduced by Microsoft as non-custodial should initially be accessible in beta version to enable captchas. He also said it was a “ confidential project ” and that'” no details should be shared “.

“We encourage you to test our first Web3 wallet and give us your feedback along the way. As early testers, you have the unique opportunity to shape our foray into cryptocurrencies and NFTs. »

Microsoft lagging behind, wants to catch up with its competitors

Microsoft lagging behind, wants to catch up with its competitors

This is the second step towards Web3 in no time for the giant Microsoft. It has recently partnered with the Ankr platform to provide services of blockchain to professionals. The announcement also prompted the market to react as the price of the token ANKR skyrocketed almost immediately.

Integrating a native crypto wallet could therefore be an attempt to seduce an audience that often prefers more flexible browsers like Google Chrome And firefox, or more specialized browsers like Opera Crypto Browser.

The Brave browser is also based on Chromium and may reward users in the form of BAT tokens based on the number of ads they consent to while browsing the web.

However, Microsoft Edge is the third most used browser after Google Chrome And Safari respectively. It remains to be seen whether integrating cryptocurrency wallets into browsers will meet user consensus. Given the reaction to the tweet yellowfin tuna, this seems unlikely.

A Disappointment for These Crypto Influencers

A Disappointment for These Crypto Influencers

On Wednesday, several plaintiffs filed complaints against various influencers present on the social networks and the platform Youtube. They are accused of improperly promoting FTX without explaining their relative remuneration.

All of the influencers involved in the complaint have at least hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers in their respective networks. Among them are Graham Stephan, Kevin Paffrath (better known as Meet Kevin), Andrei Jikh, Jeremy Lefebbre or Ben Armstrong (aka Bitboy).

According to documents filed by the plaintiffs, these influencers contributed significantly to what FTX fulfill its role of first cryptocurrency exchange.

“The rise of the internet and social media has spawned a new multi-billion dollar cottage industry, that of ‘influencers’. In fact, FTX could not have reached such heights without the massive impact of these influencers. They promoted the deceptive FTX platform in exchange for undisclosed payments. Ranging from tens of thousands of dollars to multi-million dollar bribes. »

The plaintiffs are therefore asking for more than one billion dollars in monetary compensation. Plaintiffs also argue that the unregistered securities advertised by Defendants were “intended to attract investors from around the world and profit from the world.”

What about defence?

bitboy, a controversial figure in the crypto space who was directly affected by the complaint, defended the allegations on his Twitter account. He states that he “has never been in contact with anyone at FTX”. that,” he said. He also assures that there will be a “ counter attack “.

The complaint further explains that the influencers failed to comply with the regulations imposed by the Securities and Exchange Commission since 2017. It states that anyone promoting unregistered titles can be prosecuted.

Finally, the document indicates that the persons concerned by the complaint removed content that could have harmed them given the current state of FTX. Most have publicly apologized for the promotion of crypto exchanges.

Epic Games launches into crypto games

Epic Games launches into crypto games

Epic Games, a well-known video game development studio, plans to release a number of new blockchain games by next year. Attention, this studio is at the origin of one of the most played games in recent years, Fortnite.

Currently, the Epic Games Store platform already offers five games. These games use blockchain-powered technology, specifically the non-fungible tokens (NFT). According to Epic Games director Steven Allison, the plan is to add approximately 20 new games This year.

However, please note that they are not directly developed by Epic Games Studios. Simply benefit from the expertise of the team and significant exposure fueled by reputation from Epic Distribution Studio.

Currently, block party, Core And chainmonsters are already playable and available on the Marketplace. Among the novelties, expect Grit, Delisior or Superior produced by Gala Games. A representative from Epic Games said that while the game’s gameplay and stats look promising. They preferred to wait for the launch of the next one to position themselves for the future of space.

The GameFI

For Allison, it is undeniable that 2023 and 2024 will be important years in the development of the blockchain gaming industry. This is an opinion shared by many players in the metaverse, notably Yat Siu, founder by Animoca Brands.
According to data from the DappRadar website. Investments in games and blockchain projects in the metaverse industry got off to a good start in 2023. However, the industry has been hit hard by the bear market.

In fact, 2022 has been a particularly tough year for companies involved in the GameFi space. Two games up, Axie Infinity And Crypto Blades, have seen NFT pre-order prices drop. For example, Axies (AXS) is down from 95% compared to its record level.

Moreover, the other video game giants are not necessarily inclined to pursue their projects in the Web3 space. Last January, Ubisoft said his attempt to join the NFTs failed because “ players just don’t understand “.

Although this is seemingly positive news, epic remains cautious in its approach to its relationship with these games. The Platform is not responsible for financial transactions and contact with customers. Their only role is to oversee the game safety And to ensure the visibility. In fact, Epic Games is aware of the reputation of some companies in the industry and does not want to host any rogue projects.

Crypto of the week – Conflux (CFX)

Crypto of the week - Conflux (CFX)

Conflux Network (CFX), still known as Shanghai Tree-Graph Blockchain Research Institute. It’s the only public blockchain without permission in china. In fact, it is the only company that has been able to comply with all the regulations imposed by the Chinese government.

It is essentially a tier 1 blockchain. It works on a hybrid mechanism of proof of work and proof of stake.

The latter, unique in its kind but gone unnoticed, attracted a lot of attention in 2023. In fact, a look at the history of the native token shows that the price of CFX is up almost 1,335% since the beginning of the year.

With a Market Cap of 1,114,639,583, a price at 0.42, the price undergoes this week an increase of 131.59%, causing it to rise to the 46th place in the CoinMarketCap ranking.

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