RigorsBot: The Trader whose Goal is to Profit from of all Trends

First note that this article in not investment advice on RigorsBot or Wall Of Traders. Past results don’t guarantee futures results. If you want to invest in crypto trading, only invest money that you can afford to lose.

RigorsBot: History and Results

RigorsBot is a team of Traders having 10++ years of experience. They have joined the Wall Of Traders Copy Trading Platform since August 2022. So far, their results have been exceptional: +46,28% in 4 months.

RigorsBot is our number one partner using our Smart Trading Terminal ( WOT ) and they are the legit traders of their own.

As to this writing, RigorsBot rank the number one in our copy trading terminal having more than 400 followers / subscribers and copiers of their trades

Their TA’s / Traders are truly knowledgeable in trading. Their skills and strategies are proven as since they were started with WOT their win rate are exceptional, no cutloss, no stoploss but never liquidated as their risk management is amazing !

Subscribers of Rigorsbot benefited from their Techinical Analyst Personnel who truly have expertise in understanding the trading industry / market trends. They were experienced traders who started to trade from Forex, Philippine Stock Market and now in different Crypto Trading Platforms.

Hedging to take advantage on all market trends

The strategy is simple but powerful. RigorsBot takes Long and Short positions on different pairs. They don’t cut the trades until they are in Profit.

This way, if there is a huge crash like the FTX bankruptcy, the Short positions compensate the Long positions and they were not liquidated, they even made Profit during this crash !

In the other way, if there is a bull run after a Elon Musk tweet for example, their Long positions compensate their Short positions so they can make profits.

RigorsBot trades on Binance Futures with leverage.

RigorsBot: Mission and Vision

Mission – Road to Millions 

Vision – 

R eaching towards our goals with  

I nsight of helping others through  

G od as the heart of our vision  

O n fulfilling our dreams to  

R oar the road to millions and  

S tewardship amongst those who’s in need…

Trading Golden Rules

A successful wise trader experienced the most failures and lost until they seek the road to millions. But if you will be drowned with your millions and forgot where you started, that millions then will be burn in just a glimpse of your eyes.”  

Always DYOR (Do Your Own Research), trading is not a gamble once you applied the risk management, correct attitude, patience and trusting the process!” 

Team RB’s Guiding Principle:  

“Malasakit (Compassionate) and more Profits to the members“

RigorsBot: How to automatically copy him?

1) You need to have a Binance account with USDT on Binance Futures.

2) Follow this tutorial to create an API key on Binance Futures for the Wall Of Traders Copy Trading platform.

3) Add your Binance Futures API Key and Secrete on your Wall Of Traders account.

4) Go to the Traders page and input the percentage you want to allocate, for example 100%, and click on “COPY THIS TRADER”:

RigorsBot Copy Trading

5) You will be redirected to the payment page. Select the number of months you want to subscribe for, select RigorsBot – Reborn, and click on PAY.

Payment on Wall Of Traders

6) Select the crypto you want to pay with. Send the amount to the given address. Don’t forget to include the transaction fees.

That’s all ! Once the payment is received, you will automatically receive all new trades on your Binance Futures account.

We hope you have enjoyed this article and we wish you a lot of success in Crypto Trading.

This article is not investment advice. Do your own research before investing in the cryptocurrency market.

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