Copy Trading directly on Binance Futures

On the Copy Trading Wall Of Traders platform, you can become a trader for your community, friends or family. It is possible Copy Trading by creating trades directly from Binance Futures.

For other exchanges like Binance Spot, Binance Margin, Kraken, Huobi, Kucoin, Bitstamp, Bittrex, Bitfinex, OKX, it takes either use the Wall Of Traders Smart Trading Terminal (very intuitive!), or send Telegram messages which we will read automatically. For the Telegram option, contact us on Telegram.

There are, however, some limitations to trade directly from Binance Futures. The best is to use our Smart and social Trading terminal or send Telegram messages. Here are those limits.

The limits of copy trading directly from Binance Futures

You should :

  • Do only long or simple shorts.
  • Close a position 100%, but not do a partial closure.
  • No Stop Loss, no Take Profit, no OCO order, no trailing.
  • Do not open multiple positions long or short on the same pair.
  • Fix the leverage and give it to us in advance.
  • Do not use hedge mode.

For example you can do:
long BTC
close BTC

But not :
long BTC
long BTC
close BTC

Would this work for you? Otherwise, you need to use our smart trading terminal, or send Telegram messages to a channel where we will automatically create trades.

Copy Trading from Binance Futures

The steps to set up your account

If these limits are not a problem for you:
1) On your Wall Of Traders account, link Binance Futures by selecting Binance Futures, not Binance, and enable futures on the API.

2) Create a trader then give us the name of the trader, not the reference. At last give us the mail that you use on Wall Of Traders.

3) Give the reference to your subscribers for them to add your group. As soon as they have added the group, they must put a %, otherwise the group disappears. They must also link Binance Futures.

4) Wait for our GO because we have to configure you.

5) Do some tests because copy trading directly from Binance Futures depends on what you are doing, so testing is needed, and you need to monitor the results.

6) It’s all good!

We hope this article has you more. Do not hesitate to share to benefit the community of crypto traders.

For any questions, you can post them as a comment.

And we are reachable by email or on Telegram.

Happy trading to all of you!

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