SERENITY: our best human trader available for Copy Trading

SERENITY is the best Wall Of Traders trader since June 2020. He has multiplied his capital by 5 and does not intend to stop there! Today he offers you to copy it for free, the time that you trust him. At the start of 2022, it will be probably not free anymore.

His vision is rather long term, the goal being to superform the evolution of the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on platforms like Huobi.

At the bottom of this article, we explain step by step how to copy it.

Its results speak for themselves. He made + 389.92% over one year, or almost x5 on his starting capital.

The statistics of our best trader

Our best trader: an investor or a compulsive buyer / seller?

When it comes to finance, many believe that there are only two ways to interact with the markets: trading or investing.

We imagine the trader like someone who spends his days behind the screens frantically buying and selling, in search of quick wins.

On the other hand, we imagine the investor like a wealthy person who buys stocks on the stock market and who waits patiently that it goes up while playing golf, in search of building up a (big) heritage 😉

The serenity sought by all traders

The reality is much more nuanced and complex than that, but whatever profiles we can distinguish, they all have one goal in common, and even two:

1 – at best, make profits and outperform the market
2 – at worst, keep your capital intact and not lose money

A medium and long term strategy

Unlike most copy trading strategies that can be found on the internet, SERENITY is a swing trading strategy which aims to take advantage of medium and long-term trends, halfway between what the general public thinks to be trading and investing.

Anyone new to the markets, crypto or traditional, will face two main difficulties :

1 – When to invest? How can you be sure that it will not go down once the buy order has been made?

2 – When to take profits? How can you be sure that this will not continue to rise once the sell order has been placed?

There is only one answer to these two questions, very simple: it is impossible to be 100% certain of anything on the markets, even for the best trader! Beware of those who claim otherwise.

The techniques of our best trader

The main job of the swing trader will be to take advantage of major trends which can last from a few days to a few years. These major trends will be either reversal movements (inversion), or movements benefiting from a bullish or bearish impulse (continuation).

Reversal and continuation in trading

If you have a medium / long term investment horizon, the SERENITY strategy is made for you. It will allow you to benefit from the expertise of an experienced human trader, by delegating to him essential market skills :

  • Technical and graphical analysis, knowledge of indicators allowing the identification of trends with high statistical probabilities.
  • The mindset and knowledge of crowd psychology. Knowing when to return, when to leave, without emotional or emotional attachment, to take the gains / cut the losses where it is reasonable to do so, without giving in to panic or euphoria.

Some important tips to make the most of the SERENITY strategy

  • The aim of this strategy is to generate profits in the medium / long term through a multitude of positions. It is therefore advisable to take it fully automatically in order to validate all trades. Potential gains and losses are optimized so that the final balance is positive. 1 in 3 winning trade sufficient to generate substantial profits, the objective of this strategy being to have at least 1 in 2 winning trade.
  • Never cut a losing position. If our best trader did not cut it himself, it is because he believes that it should not be. On the other hand, you can completely cut a winning position if you feel that the profit is sufficient or if you want to recover some cash, however this is not advisable if you want to take full advantage of the strategy.
  • The risk incurred on each position is strict: 0.5 to 1% of the capital that you have allocated to this strategy, which corresponds to the capital that you agree to lose in the event of a trade failure. Observe this risk, it is calculated optimally.
  • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. The SERENITY strategy should be thought of as a part of your crypto investments, but certainly not 100%. Likewise, the cryptocurrency environment may promise big gains, but also comes with big risks. It is still today an unregulated market subject to manipulation, and which can react in an amplified way to the movements of traditional markets (bad news, systemic and geopolitical risks, instability of currencies and states, black swan, etc. ). There are many opportunities: stocks, bonds, indices, ETFs, commodities, real estate, land and forests, micro credits, etc. Remember to diversify and always keep some cash on the side!

The distribution of its portfolio to follow SERENITY

SERENITY trade from of several different cryptocurrencies on Binance and Huobi. The breakdown to have in your starting portfolio is roughly this:

Binance 70% / Huobi 30%
Usdt 60% / btc 30% / busd 5% / ETH 5%

So for example for $ 1000 invested on SERENITY, you should have $ 700 on Binance and $ 300 on Huobi.

Binance: $ 420 in USDT, $ 210 in BTC, $ 35 in BUSD, $ 35 in ETH
Huobi: $ 180 in USDT, $ 90 in BTC, $ 30 in ETH

But if your distribution is different, no problem! You can very well choose to only have USDT on Binance.

How to copy it automatically? Or semi-automatically.

  1. Create an account on Wall Of Traders.
  2. Add an exchange, at least Binance.
  3. Go to the Traders page, and for SERENITY, click COPY THIS TRADER. Enter a percentage, for example 100, and click COPY THIS TRADER again. Choose “All-auto” to receive trades even when you are asleep. Or “Semi-auto” to validate trades with one click.
  4. Optional: Connect your account to Telegram. Click on the button “CONNECT MY ACCOUNT TO TELEGRAM” then start the Telegram bot. You will receive notifications for each open or closed trade. This step is essential in “Semi-auto” mode to be able to validate the trade in the Telegram message.

We hope you enjoyed this presentation of SERENITY.

If you have questions about the strategy, do not hesitate to post them in comments.

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This article is not investment advice. Do your own research before investing in the cryptocurrency market.

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